Hi! It’s me, Zara.

For years, I’ve kept notebooks of restaurant recommendations, travel tips and places to go, detailing everywhere I went, everything I ate, everywhere I stayed. Information that I then quickly assembled and passed along to friends in emails and Google Docs, whenever I heard they were headed that way. Until I realized, wait, wouldn’t it be a lot easier in the long run if I put them somewhere online so everyone can access them?

The recommendations listed in the guides are all based on my having been there myself, often many, many times, and when I haven’t been there but have the rec from a trusted source, I’ll say so. My tastes tend to skew towards a quiet bar that’s also a bookshop and-YES-they also make a phenomenal grilled cheese, so if you’re looking for the kind of place that may be described as a “boîte” or somewhere with bottle service, I may not be able to help you.

Happy traveling!